Yiru Sun

Yiru Sun

Earth Citizen. Currently based in the UK. 

My work delves into the depths of identity, exploring the intricate interplay between the human physical body and cultural differences. I am acutely aware of the weighty subject of "identity," particularly for those who have embraced multiple cultures. As an individual existing within the confines of this cultural tapestry, I find myself suspended in a gray area that transcends the boundaries of a singular identity. This in-between space becomes a fertile ground from which my creativity blossoms, enabling me to explore and express the multifaceted nature of human existence. 

I sometimes like to decontextualize and reconstruct pieces together as metaphors for human life.

Paintings - 

In my abstract paintings, I enjoy a boundless exploration of color, aiming to capture fleeting moments in a celebration of life's kaleidoscope. With every stroke, I seek to break away from the usual, infusing the canvas with a sense of joy, curiosity and wonder.





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